Sterek RPG Devlog 01: What is Ready So Far

Game Mechanics (Implemented):

  • GRD meter - Absorb damage with a GRD meter, which acts as your first line of defense for HP, similar to DA: Inquisition.
  • Equippable Skills - Passive and active skills are equippable.
  • Low Numbers Stats - Adding depth to your game with a tighter limit, this makes every point of HP crucial.
  • Unique Status Effects - From mounting bleeding to exploitable ailments, the stakes are higher in fights.
  • Flexible Character Roles - Each character has the potential to Support allies or Engage enemies in different ways unique to them. 
  • Scalable Enemies - While you level up, enemies do, too. 

Game Features:

  • Characters and references both familiar and new
  • Sideview Battle System with some Disgaea-themed Sprites
  • ATB Battle

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